Azur Caoutchouc creates your moulded parts by injection, transfer and compression. Complete mastery of bonding techniques on different metal supports in small and medium series.

    All types of elastomers.

    Personalised service: a technical and commercial team is there for you

    To devise the most suitable solution with you.

    Short lead times.

    Custom-made productions:

    - special hoses,
    - sleeves,
    - bellows,
    - etc.


    Azur Caoutchouc produces products meeting the needs and the specific requirements of its customers with regard to both the forms and the technical specifications.


    Azur Caoutchouc has developed a great deal of experience over the years in cutting the most varied materials.
    From the unit part to the large series from your plans, parts or computer files, we cut from the simplest to the most complex form, optimising the formats by the interlocking of parts.

    All types of cutting:

    - Watertight seals,
    - Flaps, washers
    - Studs, belts
    - Damping pads
    - etc.

    Cutting with or without adhesive.

    On all types of materials:

    - Silicone, fibres, epdm,
    - Various foams, viton, polyurethane
    - Cardboard, leather, cork, rubber, sbr, butyl, natural, nitrile.
    - etc.

    No tool costs and a wide cutting format of 1500 x 3050 mm


    Azur Caoutchouc is specialised in the implementation of polyurethane elastomers for hot coating of pulleys, rollers, wheel bearings

    We can produce new parts (insert with coating) or work on parts to be renovated, removing the used coating and recoating it.

    Recoating in polyurethane or rubber: all types of tyre on steel, iron or aluminium, etc...

    Area of applications: fork lift trucks, drive wheels, rollers .....

    Our experience enables us to offer you the solution adapted to your applications and assures you perfect quality of our products.


    Azur Caoutchouc creates profiles in small and medium series, on plans or customer samples,

    on any type of elastomer;


    - Epdm, Tpe etc
    - Small dimensions possible

    - Prototypes
    - Pre-series
    - etc.

    We are specialised in custom made products according to your specifications and we can duplicate the seal you need, even if very old.

    Our reactivity enables us to guarantee short production times from the simplest to the most elaborate profile.

    Area of application:

    Building, automobile, industry, boat tourism ...


  1. Signaling

    Bands awakening vigilance profile corner protection, coating playgrounds, PVC anti-slip

  2. Indutry

    All special parts for machine tools ...

  3. Automobile

    Parts renovation "custom" for old vehicles (on request) ... profile windshield, door seal, hose silent cooling block etc.

  4. Military

    Seal, tank pad, on board pieces ....

  5. Electronics

    Seal, foam protective coating

  6. Maritime

    Special hoses (oil, exhaust ...), technical and industrial hoses, protective equipment, seals windows, strakes, UV resistant carpets and hydrocarbons, silent block, engine mount, Soundproofing (cabins. ..), wide range of adhesives ...

  7. Building

    Parts for concrete injection, soundproofing and anti-vibration under slabs etc.

  8. Paramedical

    Parts for breathing systems, etc..