Nautical Range

Automotive Range

Building Range

  • Foam

    Foam sealing, Filtration, Packaging
  • Pièces Caoutchouc

    Square Ends, Slotted Pressure Stops, Round End Slotted Pressure Stops, Plugs, End Caps
  • Profile

    Seals and Sealing Profiles, bodywork, window, door window ...

    Gaskets protection standard and customized.
  • Mat rubber

    Sheet rubber, Sheet joint, Bibs, Strips, Straps transparent.
  • Smooth mat rubber

    Flooring, Anti-slip, electrical Insulation, Hydrocarbon ...
    Stair Nosing
  • Anti Vibration

    Silent Blocks and Acoustic
    Insulation Slabs
  • Pipes and Hoses

    Engines, Industrial, Marine, Food .....
  • Soundproofing

    Phonic insulation, Acoustic correction
  • Refrigerators seals

    Sealing refrigerator, cold room.
  • Technical glues

    Collage for several materials
  • Cutting

    Custom cutting on different materials

  • Recoating

    Recoating in polyurethane or rubber:
    all types of tyre on steel, iron or aluminium, etc...
  • Moulding

    Creation of  your moulded parts by injection, transfer and compression.